grapple utility

a utility that allows u to grapple to a destination, we all know pathfinder from apex so let me clarify, that would be too broken and OP. with that being said i think something similar would be cool just not as extreme. it would be cool to see the kind of movement you could do with it. the reason it can't be to OP is, well u would have people to easily flying around the map doing huge grapple swings. i think a grapple DOES fit the style of the game. some kind of rope grapple. that DOES take skill, i would like to see a skill gap with it. obviously, things take time, so this is just a suggestion Dids whenever u get time. and if u decide it isnt good for the game that is completely understandable, it would be nice to grapple opponents from a certain distance or even during a rollout, grapple them only for a couple of seconds then it breaks, and resets grapple timer. i think if you create a skill gap with it, it will be a great addition to the game. maybe, 2 seconds of grapple time at certain fixed speed, depending how u use the grapple u can either get height or distance. idk its just a suggestion and would love to see others comment on here to see how u could make it viable without it being OP.

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